Thursday, April 14, 2011

ok first of all know that even though these are generally good sites,reliable,they often feature many authors writers,journalists,etc,so it is incumbent on you,yes YOU,to always fact find,cross reference,verify all you read..never ,ever post anything unless you have seen it is factual..and also some ar bias against IRAN,like uruk net..this is because they are weak and have not the capacity to do their own homework on IRAN,anyway..also i hope you are all familiar with rss feeds on each site and how t acess them to get latest articles when in the site..if not its on your browser(when your inside site)little box on left of broswer click it u have atom or feeds option for most sites have them though not all,anyway these are buta few,i have many many more in portuguese arabic and otehr languages,but this is for english speaking people,so i just did a fast compilatiom,remember,to cite wsj,bbc,ap,reuters,bloomberg,forbes to denigrade yourselves and lend those pro-corporate outlets credibility they DO NOT DESERVE...NOR MERIT..ENJOY TRUTHERS..AND AGAIN ALWAYS RESERACH WHAT YOU READ,NEVER PARROT ANYTHING WITHOUT CROSS REFERENCING,BEFROE PUSHING IT ONTO OTHERS...PEACE BE UNTO THE TRUTHERS..ANY QUESTIONS OR HELP IM ALWAYS AROUND..AND FOR INFO ON IRAN GO HERE my blog go to IRAN section on left under ipod..rely on nothing but that for most are bias and parroting opposition wich anyone with any knowledge already knows is discreditted..and no i am not Iranian..just extremely knowledgable on it...enjoy ,and btw it does take serious hours to gather good information..and make sure its accurate..if u dont wnat to waste hours a day then see>   if you do..then see below illa dd more on friday as im tired now..peace..sorry for typos above too LoL  big money in us politics watch  on the rightside under callender always click 2001 year and make sure u go to correct date..  scroll over news on bar..wait till it drops down click news at glance..    EU'S pet BIG BROTHER Orwellian project 

STATEWATCH - monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe  learn this site in and out this is seriously imprtant issues..fta's bta's epa's trade agreements for serious research

zionist watch>   african affairs,analysis as well..      spanish..look on right side  ull see  

''mas novedades'' click that if u want in will still bne in spanish but where u click on mas novedades ull see ''englsih'' click ''english'' click press releases   click in the news or click press releases  this is best site on all us aid,funding military aid to latin america..indepth ..   scroll down ..bottom half of site...    click latest news up top  go to rsss feeds articles or reports in feeds on browser..